This is the first important national site in Israel to represent israelis common interests. Common to the whole nation!

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about project

In those difficult times let us be united.
We will soon present you sites and links about all the positive support we as a nation receive from private individuals and web sites around the world. In our struggle to survive we must capitalize on all the good will we can get.
Be with us in the next month and boost your moral.
Let us unite our efforts for the national benefit.
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top 10 of the month

new sites of the month

1. The Israeli Government Site
The purpose of this Site is to bring to the public in Israel and around the world updated information on: its structure; activities; government policies; the Prime Minister, the Government Secretariat and the Prime Minister's Office.

2. The Government's General Information Site
Gives information about government offices and various bodies.

3. Ministry Of Defence
A detailed site about the activities of this ministry.

4. Ministry Of Justice
A detailed site about the activities of this ministry.

5. Ministry Of Education
The information in this site is vailable also partly in English.
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